Adir Realty is your boutique Asset Management Firm. Our primary objectives are to locate rock solid investments in the real estate sector, create long lasting relationships with our partners while supplying lucrative returns for everyone involved.

Our method of achieving these goals is by our proven formula of extensive research, strong network building and utilizing our long history of experience. Our past success stems from a mastery of all aspects of multi-family management, construction and renovation, and all pertinent rent laws, including rent stabilization.  These skills have been the impetus that creates our vision of bringing out the maximum potential in all our real estate investments.  Fundamentally, we aim for safe investments with the most potential returns. 

Adir Realty understands the benefits of real estate investments, and why investors look to place their money into this field. We have a proven track record of success in multiple markets, and aims to expand on these successes.  As no two investments are the same, so our strategy for each investment is different.  Our stated goal is to bring out maximum potential, and our knowledge and understanding of real estate would be applied to find the best way of achieving that goal.  Adir Realty’s stamp of approval on a specific deal is an indication that it is a solid investment with real potential, and very little downside. 

At Adir Realty, we fully understand the concerns investors have with placing their hard earned money into the hands of others.  We have made every effort to mitigate these concerns by creating a one of a kind system of transparency. Investors will have full assurance and piece of mind knowing they will be informed of all pertinent events regarding their investments.  With a birds eye view, they will be able to see how our hands on approach is being utilized to maximize their profits. 



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