Adir Realty   invests our time as well as our capital into ensuring all investments are properly researched and thoroughly investigated. We offer transparency for all asset management so you can reap the benefits with the understanding that plenty of time was spent securing your assets.

Through skilled management and prudent planning Adir Realty  provides lucrative and safe investment vehicles. Our policy is to provide full upside participation with great portfolio diversification.

We take pride in handling our partners’ capital investments with diligence and care. Adir Realty  has built a personalized system where you will have the technology at your fingertips to get a bird’s eye view of your investments anytime, and from anywhere. You will be able to keep track of all aspects of the investment, including cash flow, projects, income and expenses, bank statements and projections. At your convenience you will see exactly how your investments are performing. With our innovative online platform, investors at all levels are given the ability to view all of their holdings down to the last penny.  

A synergistic business built on transparency and sound planning. Serving our Partners is one of our benchmark principles.  Our Boutique style of personalization is what separates us from other Investment firms.  Through this model, investors will have full assurance and peace of mind.

Our portfolio of real estate related assets allows for great diversification and opportunity in the current marketplace. Adir Realty  creates boutique style investing unique to each investors’ preferences.



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