Adir Management is a full service management company, providing any level of service to fill the owner’s needs and comfort level.  At Adir Realty we are a boutique management firm, creating customized systems to fit the owners needs and wants. By maintaining a high standard of custom service, and capitalizing on economies of scale for all our clients, we keep our prices lower than the competition.  We can be just the eyes and ears for the property; maintaining services and keeping apartments filled. We can also be your complete management company, providing all needs of the building from accounting to legal, to construction and correspondence. 

Adir Management’s exclusive system of transparency is a source of pride, and we will be happy to give a demonstration.  Our system allows for full disclosure, giving owners and investors a feeling that they are fully on top of, and in control of their investments.  With a birds eye view that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is never a bad time to see how your investments are fairing.

Adir Realty  has a long established track record, dealing very successfully with all types of apartments, from rent controlled and stabilized to free market and commercial. We have had ample experience with any and all construction needs, doing many full gut renovations. Adir Realty  maintains a full time crew solely for repair and maintenance needs. There is nothing beyond the scope of our experience and success, and we are willing and able to prove that again and again.



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